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brown bear on brown wood
Photo by Janko Ferlic on

A message was sent today warning all residents of The Meadows and Deer Meadow about recent bear sightings in both parks. Please review the information below:

The population for bears is growing. Up North there is a good possibility you could see a bear. When you take the time to remove food from your tent and table, your are helping bears stay in their natural habitat and not wander closer.
Attacks by a black bear are so rare to almost non existent. However, do NOT attempt to feed or approach a bear. For Good Reading Bear Aware, 2nd Edition
Bear Tips:
* Birdfeeders: Remove bird feeders by April 1. Clean up seeds below feeders. Plenty of natural foods are available for the birds.
* Garbage: Keep garbage in airtight containers inside your garage or storage area. Garbage for pickup should be put outside the morning of
collection, not the night before.
* Compost: Don’t put meat or food leftovers in your compost pile.
* Pet food: Don’t leave pet food dishes outdoors at night.
* Grills: Clean up or store outdoor grills after each use.
* Intentional feeding: Never intentionally feed bears. It’s illegal and dangerous, and can result in the bear being killed.

If you encounter a bear
* A bear will usually hear you on a trail and hide from you.
* Keep your distance if you see one.
* If it lingers, remove any sight or smell of food.
* Go into your car if it’s nearby.
* If the bear makes a bluff charge, stand your ground and slowly back off.
One thing do not run, just move off the trail and walk in a wide circle around the bear and make no visual contact with the bear, then continue on your way.
You can view any bear from a safe distance. For more information about black bears, contact the NH Fish & Game Dept. at (603) 271-3211.

Information from NH Outdoors site: NH Outdoors