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Deer Meadow Water Notice

Notice issued August 9, 2022 regarding Quarter 2 Arsenic

The arsenic test will continue to be performed quarterly. The allowed arsenic amount is 0.0050 mg/L. The quarter 2 running annual average was 0.0051 mg/L. Quarter 3 amount will be updated when available.

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Deer Meadows and The Meadows Watering Ban

Please discontinue all outside sprinkler use. Hand watering with a hose is allowed for plants and gardens.

Please do not wash cars, houses or driveways. If you plan to pressure wash your house, please call first for an approval, depending on drought conditions.

August 24, 2022 Updates to follow

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Meadows CCR Report 2021

The Meadows of Hopkinton, Inc. is required by the State of New Hampshire to send a Water Quality Report. The report must be issued annually by July 1, 2021 to all customers using the the Meadows community water system. The report includes data from the water tests of the prior years.

The Meadows is happy to report perfect drinking water and reporting for 2020!

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Spring Cleanup 2021

April 15-May 15, 2021

The Meadows and Deer Meadow

Philip Strittmatter will be picking up debris on the edge of the road. Please place debris in two piles, one for debris and one for sticks and branches.

If your house is in front of the woods, you’re welcome to put your yard debris there.

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Rental Assistance Program

The information below is from a trusted source about rental assistance. There may be a time when the car breaks, the heater burns up and COVID-19 hits the world! If you qualify, these programs are available to assist people with their rent and relieve some of the stress of life. Most vouchers need to be signed by the landlord, please contact Stacey 603-746-3600.

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Heat Tape

Concerns about HEAT TAPE…. the present one has been installed for years and no one knows how long it will last. Don’t wait until a pipe freezes, check it TODAY!

A fellow resident suggested this easy way to test your heat tape…

Open access to under you house to reach the heat tape wrapped around the main water supply.

Leave your hand exposed until it is real cold then grab around the insulated heat tape.

If it is warm the heat tape is working!!

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Elderly Exemption for Town Taxes

Town of Hopkinton Elderly Exemption (RSA 72:39-a:)

The Town of Hopkinton has adopted an Elderly Exemption program. If qualified, the exemption is subtracted from the property assessment. The exemption for those who qualify is:

  • 65-75 years of age as of April 1st= $120,000
  • 76-79 years of age as of April 1st = $145,000
  • 80+ years of age as of April 1st = $170,000
Filing Procedures:

Applicant must fill out an Elderly Exemption Worksheet, covering the full calendar year preceding April 1st, along with a PA-29 “Permanent Application for Property Tax Credit/Exemptions”, sign, date and submit to the Assessor’s Office.

Listed below are the qualifications:

Elderly Exemption Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 65 years of age on or before April 1st of year applying.
  • Must be the owner of record on or before April 1st of year applying.
  • Must reside in the State of New Hampshire for 3 years on or before April 1st of year applying.
  • Married couples must have been married for 5 years on or before April 1st of year applying.
  • Must occupy as their principal abode the property qualifying for the elderly exemption.

Income qualifications will include any income from all sources in the calendar year proceeding April 1st.

  • Single person income not to exceed $30,000
  • Married persons joint income not to exceed $40,000

Asset qualifications will include any assets on the date of application

Assets not to exceed $150,000 (excluding the home in which they reside)

  • All other real estate owned
  • Checking and/or savings account balances
  • CD’s, IRA’s, mutual funds, stocks, bonds
  • Automobile(s)

The following documents will be required to verify eligibility: (Please bring documentation with you when applying.)

  • Federal income tax forms
  • State interest and dividends tax forms
  • Statements for checking and/or savings accounts
  • Statements for CD, IRA, stocks and/or bonds

All documents and copies of documents submitted with or requested to verify an application for a property tax credit, exception, or deferral are considered confidential and returned to the applicant after a decision is made on the application.