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Critical Users on the Water Systems

Deer Meadow and The Meadows have not currently been notified of any Critical Users on the water system as of December 31, 2019. 

Please contact Stacey if you or anyone in your household has any special water needs.  The water systems must maintain an up-to-date list of service customers with unique water needs as notified.  Both parks will make provisions for priority notice and safe and adequate water supply to any residents on the list.

Critical users on the water system would be individuals with compromised immune systems for a serious illness.

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Icy Roads

Thank you to the residents that have kindly contacted us when the roads need salt. Dave and Seth try to keep a constant eye on the weather and the road. Dave does use salt over sand due to the mess the sand leaves behind in the spring. Unfortunately, the salt will only do its job when the temperature cooperates. Feel free to call if a slippery spot is unattended.

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brown bear on brown wood
Photo by Janko Ferlic on

Update 03/09/20: The warm weather is encouraging the bears to come out of hibernation a little early. Be alert for bear signs in the neighborhood. We recommend bringing in bird feeders for the safety of everyone. It is not required until April so if you choose to leave it out, please be careful.

A message was sent today warning all residents of The Meadows and Deer Meadow about recent bear sightings in both parks. Please review the information below:

The population for bears is growing. Up North there is a good possibility you could see a bear. When you take the time to remove food from your tent and table, your are helping bears stay in their natural habitat and not wander closer.
Attacks by a black bear are so rare to almost non existent. However, do NOT attempt to feed or approach a bear. For Good Reading Bear Aware, 2nd Edition
Bear Tips:
* Birdfeeders: Remove bird feeders by April 1. Clean up seeds below feeders. Plenty of natural foods are available for the birds.
* Garbage: Keep garbage in airtight containers inside your garage or storage area. Garbage for pickup should be put outside the morning of
collection, not the night before.
* Compost: Don’t put meat or food leftovers in your compost pile.
* Pet food: Don’t leave pet food dishes outdoors at night.
* Grills: Clean up or store outdoor grills after each use.
* Intentional feeding: Never intentionally feed bears. It’s illegal and dangerous, and can result in the bear being killed.

If you encounter a bear
* A bear will usually hear you on a trail and hide from you.
* Keep your distance if you see one.
* If it lingers, remove any sight or smell of food.
* Go into your car if it’s nearby.
* If the bear makes a bluff charge, stand your ground and slowly back off.
One thing do not run, just move off the trail and walk in a wide circle around the bear and make no visual contact with the bear, then continue on your way.
You can view any bear from a safe distance. For more information about black bears, contact the NH Fish & Game Dept. at (603) 271-3211.

Information from NH Outdoors site: NH Outdoors

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SPRING Cleaning 2016

The Meadows and Deer Meadow Spring Clean-up

Spring is here and the grass is showing, along with the branches and debris.

Please place debris on the edge of the road.

Make TWO piles: sticks one pile and leaves one pile.

If your lot has woods behind it, please put the debris in the woods.

Philip Strittmatter will make occasional trips through the park to pick up the debris until Monday, May 30th.

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The Meadows

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A Quick Drive through Contoocook Village

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20150215_073433A big thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding during this snow-filled winter! Dave has had a busy season, made easier with the help of Seth Holmes plowing the Meadows. Dave has plowed, salted the roads and pushed snow back to wherever he has found a spot!

We are pleased to see roofs are being shoveled too. If you need the name of a local person to help, please contact us, 746-3600.