Common Questions…

What is included in the monthly park rent fee? ($560 as of 4/1/20)

  • Weekly trash every Friday; MT Trash (Jessie and Kirk Morrill)
  • Water from our private community well (Water Report Here)
  • Septic repairs and maintenance (as long as misuse is not an issue)

Trouble financing the home because it’s a mobile home in a park?

Are green town trash bags required for trash removal?

  • No because the parks are considered commercial accounts

Is there an application fee?

  • After you have your Purchase and Sales agreement, please contact the office 746-3600 for an application for each person.
  • The fee is $40 each for the Smartmove Application. This allows review of your credit, criminal background check and rental history if applicable.

Will I be approved by park management?

  • A credit rating of 650 or higher is required. Circumstances in life may effect the credit rating and we welcome explanations, maybe it could help.
  • A rule for purchasing a house is the mortgage payment, property taxes, insurance and park rent should be 1/3 or less of monthly income or a savings account should provide backup income.

Is there a dog size or type that is prohibited?

  • Big dogs and little dogs are both allowed.
  • They must be in a fenced in yard or on a leash.
  • Please do not leave your dog outside to constantly bark.
  • Dog waste must be picked up if left at your neighbor’s yard.
  • Please do not walk dogs in the well house area so there will be no risk of contaminating the water.
  • NEW A limit of two (2) dogs are allowed per home. LC 04/01/20
  • Addition to section: Dogs are not to be left outdoors unattended. A barking dog must be brought indoors immediately. LC 04/01/20
  • NEW Management may prohibit certain dog breeds included below, but not limited to and any other dog with a history of aggressive behavior or biting; Pitbull, Rottweiler, German Shepard, Husky-type (includes Siberian), Malamute, Wolf-dog hybrid, Chow-Chow, Doberman. LC 04/01/20
  • NEW A “service” or “emotional support” dog is subject to the above guidelines and rules. Park management can request documentation from a physician to confirm this claim. LC 04/01/20
  • Residents who own dogs must carry Homeowner insurance for liability of dog bites. The minimum liability is $300,000. The Park owner may ask for proof of this insurance. LC 04/01/20

Who is responsible for town taxes?

  • The homeowner pays the town property taxes on the home only. The park is responsible for the property taxes on the land. The park is also taxed on the resale value of the park, that’s why the rent is mainly based on the property taxes.

Can I have a fire pit?

  • Fire pits are allowed and require a permit from the town fire department.
  • Please be respectful of your neighbors and follow the town ordinance for quietness at 10pm.

Can I have a pool?

  • Pools are allowed.
  • Please check in with Dave before setting it up for placement in the yard so it doesn’t interfere with the septic.
  • Pools over 300 gallons must be filled from an outside source. A receipt can be requested by park management.

Can I drop off my rent check at the office?

  • Both parks have locked boxes at the entrances to put rent checks in or mail it to 114 Flintlock Road, Contoocook, NH 03229
  • Since the park office is also our home, we prefer people not stop in. Please call for an appointment. 603-746-3600