Effective April 1, 2022, the monthly land rent amount is $570. Please return the signed lease amendment agreement as soon as possible.

PFAS WATER TEST: You may have heard about the new mandatory PFAS water test required by the State of NH. The new test must be performed quarterly, and this quarter was the first test for The Meadows and Deer Meadow. Everything came back ND/Not Detected! If you would like a copy of the results, please contact Stacey.

2/20/20: PFAS Water Test Update: The second quarterly PFAS test has been completed for both parks and was not detected. The PFAS test will now be waived for a 3-year period.

Bears: Please bring in bird feeders. The bears are awake! 06/17/20


Due to a recent issue, this is a reminder for mailboxes, fences, or other items placed or planted within 10 feet of the roadway….

There is a 10 foot right away from the edge of the pavement. This is standard for private and public roads; the right of way needs to be kept clear. It is important for the safety of the residents and for any emergency vehicles in the area.

The USPS mailbox area at the entrance of DEER MEADOW was placed there for the convenience of the residents. The roads without mailboxes were also planned when designing the park to simplify the winter plowing. The paper boxes residents choose to have are usually installed on a metal post for easy replacement.

Every effort is made to avoid your personal property when plowing. It is not always possible to see items on the side of the road, especially items buried under the snow. It is expected after the snow melts, there may be damage left behind, private or public road.


June 16, 2020

Effective January 1, 2013, the amendment to the current lease is cats must remain indoors or on a leash.  The new rule was put into effect because of the stray cat issue at the Deer Meadow park.  Currently between both parks, over 25 cats have been surrendered to the SPCA in Concord.  If a neighbor complains to management about a cat in the area roaming free, a trap will be set in the area and the cat will be brought to the SPCA, with or without a collar.


2 thoughts on “REMINDERS

  1. Hi Liz, Thank you for the message regarding the cats! All of the neighbors should be aware of the cat rule… Dave has set the have-a heart trap in your yard, hopefully he will catch more than the skunk. ***For all to review…CATS MUST BE INSIDE of your home, ON A LEASH, or FENCED IN. Due to the stray cat issue the rule had to be implemented for the safety and health of all pets and residents. If your cat is caught, it will be surrendered to the Concord SPCA, collar or no collar.


  2. Some of our newer neighbors are either not aware of this policy or are choosing to ignore it. We have a cat from across the street who frequents my yard by bird feeders and will ambush birds that fly low enough to be caught. This distresses me. Some time ago, before the stray cat issue came to a head, I had asked if I could install a flag pole near the front corner of my house; this was not for a flag but to enable me to string a line from a tree in the back to a pole so that bird feeders and birds are safer than they are now – from cats and from bears; bears have not been a problem since I don’t put the feeders out early in the morning and I take them into my shed before sundown. Enough of my venting!


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